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LifeSmart – Smart Mirror

by admin

Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror integrates latest the fashion and technology together. The unique modular design transforms an ordinary mirror into a smart device that controls your home appliances. You can place the Magic Mirror in the entrance way, bathroom or bedroom. You can scan QR code on the mirror to log in, and set up personal your preferences to facilitate your home life.



  • Auto wake up to work
  • health management
  • built in camera
  • Voice control
  • Entertainment function
  • Smart devices control

The LifeSmart’s Magic Mirror can be your home assistant to manage your personnel health data like weight information and others. It can be able to link with the digital scale weight and provide the data to the mirror to perform the analysis.

Besides the health management, the magic mirror also can play the news for you while you are using the mirror in the morning time. it can also provide the traffic condition which you may pre-plan for your travel route before you leaving your home. The calendar function in the mirror able to sync your personnel calendar which you can review your daily schedule while tidy up your shirt in front of mirror.

Smart Home control

The Magic mirror not only limited to health management, news and personnel schedule information. it also can control your LifeSmart’s smart devices in your home. a simple button can be set to switch off all your smart appliances in your home while you are leaving and when you are in home, it can also activated your smart home devices just with a simple clicks.