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Secure your House With LifeSmart

by admin

Secure your house with LifeSmart System

Nowaday, most of the parent are busying on their own work and less guidance to their children who are in home. The security issue become very important for those parent or house owner we have always away from home for their works or travelling.

with LifeSmart security system, you will get notify and the security camera able to capture the picture of the strangers who break into your house. LifeSmart offer a comprehensive smart solutions to protect you and your beloved while you are away from home.

The Smart features are shown below:

  • 24/7 Security surveillance
  • Snapshot Capture while motion detected
  • monitor through out your LifeSmart App
  • Push Notifications for House Owner
  • One click security activation
  • Voice communication via LifeSmart wireless CCTV