Simplify and Control Your Home With Voice

Simplify and Control Your Home With Voice

Well, in the new century, smart home is become famous and famous nowadays.

the revolutions of smart home is happening soon, with the support of the strong IT and engineering team, LifeSmart have been transformed from 1st stage of smart home system to 4th stage nowadays, the revolutions of the smart home can see from below:

1st stage : Remote Control of Devices

  • The home appliances come with the remote control and press within the range of the operate device to control the on and off of device

2nd stage : Mobile Remote

  • Hacking the wall and install the devices which can be control remotely by using the mobile phone with sending the Wifi signal to the smart devices

3rd stage : IFTTT Home Automation

  • Using of the wireless switch and setup the logic of “if this then that” , trigger some reaction when we did some action.

4th stage : AI Smart Home

  • Using of the voice control, learning your behavior and trigger the scene with your voice

5th stage : AI trigger smart home

  • Using of the AI, learning your behavior and do by itself without trigger


Humanizing Technology with Artificial Intelligent 

LifeSmart now is compatible with most of the voice control devices in the market such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa,  Rokid, AliGinie and others

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