Health Management


LifeSmart aware of the new era of technology, the users looking forward to ensure they improve their healthy with the collection of the personnel health data. LifeSmart keep improve for the smart home system and the latest product of the LifeSmart also enhance on the improvement for users to know more about their health status

Weight Monitoring
Skin Monitoring
Data Analysis
Health Information


We integrated a variety of third-party health management devices, such as magic mirror with skin detector and body fat calculator. Paired with LifeSmart system, it can monitor and import user’s health data and give recommended advise everyday

  • Integrate third party devices
  • Health data Monitor
  • Health data Import
  • Health analysis and advise


Magic Mirror integrates latest fashion and technology together. The unique modular design transforms an ordinary mirror into a smart device that control your home appliances. You can place the Magic Mirror in the entrance, bathroom or bedroom. You can scan QR code on the mirror to log in, and set up personal preferences to facilitate your home life

Your Health Data Assistant

With LifeSmart Magic Mirror, users are able to manage their health data such as body weight with the digital weighing scale linked to the magic mirror.

Your Personnel Assistant

The Magic Mirror can assist the user to sync the calendar and personnel schedule. Users are able to watch the news also while using the mirror.

Smart Home Control

Magic Mirror integrates latest technology and it transforms an ordinary mirror into a smart device that control your home appliances.

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