Energy Management


With LifeSmart , you are able to manage your room temperature base on your comfort level by placing a smart cube environment sensor at your dedicated location. The environmental sensor will transit the date and send to your smart system to adjust the air-conditioner and room temperature accordingly

Temperature Control

Scene Control

Energy Management

Simple Control











Universal Remote Controller

The LifeSmart universal remote controller, so called SPOT, is used to replace all the traditional IR remote control with just a simple click on your app it is able to use only one app to control home appliances .

App Control

360º Coverage

8-15m Coverage

LED Night Light

IR Controller


With the smart setting, the smart home energy management system could be customized based on your own requirement. Setup your smart home base on your comfort level the enjoy the beauty of technology. With the assistant of the artificial intelligent, you are able to control your home not only by the mobile application, it can be controlled via voice control.

Simple Control

Replace all your traditional IR remote controller with using LifeSmart Spot. The control can be as easy as just a click of button on your mobile app

Energy Saving

With LifeSmart cube environmental sensor, it can auto detect and collect the environment data to trigger the required smart devices and save your daily power consumption

Cube Clicker

Manage your scene to trigger the smart home devices just with a simple click. The clicker can be easily carry to any corner at your house without hacking your wall


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With the great package of the smart home system from LifeSmart, you can now save your electrical bill easily! Save your electrical bill and save our earth before too late! Give a call to our team for more details regarding the available smart home package or customize package. Enjoy the benefits of using LifeSmart now!

  • Low Power Consumption
  • Energy Saving
  • Optimize Energy consumption

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