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LifeSmart – We are Z-Wave Alliance Certified

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LifeSmart is Z-Wave Alliance Certified now!!!

Speaking of Japan, the evaluation that can often be heard is: This is a “perverted” nation.

In fact, this is not a insulting description. The Japanese “perversion” is most directly expressed in their careful, strict and cautious “artisan spirit”.

Because of this “artisan spirit”, Japan has grown into a manufacturing powerhouse with high requirements for product quality and service. It is a typical high-end market. In such a Japanese market, LifeSmart has emerged with high-quality, high-standard products, and has ushered in new developments in new challenges.

In 2018, LifeSmart entered into a strategic cooperation with AcoT LAB, a well-known real estate company in Japan, and completed a large-scale delivery at the beginning of this year, applying the full house smart plan of LifeSmart’s Smart home solutions to the Japanese family.
LifeSmart’s full-house smart home solutions for ACCEL LAB includes IoT devices such as Smart Station, Super Bowl (Spot) , FRAME Camera , Cube Clicker, Dimmer Switch, Environmental Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Door Sensor.

In this cooperation, the LifeSmart Z-Wave version of the gateway officially completed the certification, and LifeSmart has become the only China company to obtain Z-Wave S2 Security certification in Japan (including SONY, only 5 companies with S2 certification) And the only China company approved to build full house intelligence in the Japanese market.

Besides, We believe there are some people who might still confuse of the technology of Z-Wave and Zigbee, Let’s us provides some brief of the Z-wave and Zigbee technology. LifeSmart is a certified Z-wave technology but not Zigbee.

Zigbee VS Z Wave: Which is best for your smart home?

if you’re a smart home owner, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the words Zigbee or Z-Wave on items you’ve purchased. That doesn’t mean you know what either of them are though. Or, if you do, maybe you’re still unclear on how they differ.

In short, your wireless smart devices need to co-exist, and they can’t do that if they all run individually, apart from one another.

Zigbee and Z Wave are wireless protocols which allow your connected devices to “talk” to each other. Rather than using power-intensive Wi-Fi or short-range Bluetooth, Zigbee and Z Wave use low-energy radio waves to allow the devices to remain connected to each other within your smart home. That being said, they aren’t exactly the same, and you may find that one is better suited to your smart home needs. So let’s dive in. In the Zigbee vs Z Wave showdown, which is the best for your money?

Zigbee vs Z Wave: Basic specs

Both Zigbee and Z Wave run on “mesh” networks. This means that, while both make use of a central hub connected to the internet, a signal can be shared across devices without a Wi-Fi connection.

Zigbee uses the IEEE’s 802.15.4 personal-area network standard to keep your Zigbee devices connected. With AES 128-bit symmetric encryption, it keeps your data (shared from device to device) relatively secure. It runs at 2.4GHz, which is pretty good, but could lead to interference from everything else running at that frequency. At data speeds of 250kbps, it also responds pretty well to your instructions.

Z Wave also runs AES 128-bit symmetric encryption. Z Wave’s 800-900MHz radio frequency range puts it slightly ahead of Zigbee, as it’s less likely to experience interference at that frequency than its competitor.

Zigbee vs Z Wave: Range and compatibility

Z Wave has a range of 100m between points of contact. That’s pretty long, and will likely work fine in an average home — unless you want to connect the shed in your backyard or just have widely spaced out devices in a larger home. Even if that’s the case though, Z Wave’s SoCs (system on a chips) allows you to place additional sensors in buffer zones to boost your signal.

Zigbee’s range, in contrast, can be as low as 10m, so you’ll need your devices to be a little closer together. That range can extend as far as 30m though, depending on wall materials and line of sight, so it’s still in the running. You’ll just want to keep that in mind for larger, spaced out homes.

Z Wave taps out at 232 devices, while Zigbee allows 65,000 devices or more. While that’s a huge difference, it realistically shouldn’t affect your choice much, unless you’re one of the 0.1% of smart home owners who somehow has more than 232 smart devices. Then again, the tech sphere changes so quickly that maybe you’ll be wanting that much connectivity within a few years.

Zigbee vs Z Wave: Devices

Supported devices might make the decision for you. Zigbee supports slightly more devices than Z Wave, but the difference is pretty negligible (about 2,500 brands versus about 2,400). The number of devices is probably less helpful than the specific brands, as you might be more interested in what is supported rather than how much.

Admittedly, you’ll find more of the major smart home brands at Zigbee, like Philips Hue, and premium devices like Amazon Echo Plus. Having said that, the best choice will depend entirely on the specific devices you prefer for your own home.

Zigbee vs Z Wave: Final champion

So, what to choose? Zigbee and Z Wave have become some of the most ubiquitous wireless protocols for smart home connectivity. But which is better?

As with so many product showdowns, the answer isn’t simple. Hopefully we’ve given you enough details to pick your own Zigbee vs Z Wave champion, specifically suited to your family’s smart home needs. The answer will largely depend on the range you need, the number of appliances you have, and the brands you prefer. Of course, we would prefer you to choose LifeSmart as we have a complete solutions for you ✌️✌️✌️

Have you found Zigbee or Z Wave to be suitable for your smart home? Any tips and tricks you’d like to share with the class? Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about LifeSmart Smart Home system.

Call us if you would like to upgrade your home to smart home using LifeSmart system, we believe we could provide a competitive price & package and suit to your requirement budget

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LifeSmart – Smart Mirror

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Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror integrates latest the fashion and technology together. The unique modular design transforms an ordinary mirror into a smart device that controls your home appliances. You can place the Magic Mirror in the entrance way, bathroom or bedroom. You can scan QR code on the mirror to log in, and set up personal your preferences to facilitate your home life.



  • Auto wake up to work
  • health management
  • built in camera
  • Voice control
  • Entertainment function
  • Smart devices control

The LifeSmart’s Magic Mirror can be your home assistant to manage your personnel health data like weight information and others. It can be able to link with the digital scale weight and provide the data to the mirror to perform the analysis.

Besides the health management, the magic mirror also can play the news for you while you are using the mirror in the morning time. it can also provide the traffic condition which you may pre-plan for your travel route before you leaving your home. The calendar function in the mirror able to sync your personnel calendar which you can review your daily schedule while tidy up your shirt in front of mirror.

Smart Home control

The Magic mirror not only limited to health management, news and personnel schedule information. it also can control your LifeSmart’s smart devices in your home. a simple button can be set to switch off all your smart appliances in your home while you are leaving and when you are in home, it can also activated your smart home devices just with a simple clicks.


LifeSmart Official Introduction – English

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LifeSmart Introduction Video

LifeSmart is a leading IoT company focusing on the global smart home market. By utilizing the advantage of AI and IoT, LifeSmart provides you and your family with a safe, comfortable and colorful lifestyle. Lee Shin Pte Ltd ( Singapore ) have been appointed as the Singapore Authorize Distributor for LifeSmart. We are carrying LifeSmart product which we provides the consultant, Installation and customer service for all our end users.

We provides the complete smart home solutions as per below

  • Lighting Control
  • Automation of curtain and window
  • Provide Comfortable Indoor Environment
  • Redefine Home Security
  • Home Energy Saving
  • Voice Control
  • Health Management
  • Entertainment Multimedia System

Mission & Vision

We believes that every single home will be come a smart home and every office will be come smart office in future. With the target vision, LifeSmart have dedicated all their efforts in the development of AI, cloud service, product design and development. They have the most reliable and fashionable product line in the AI industry and by continuing to improve on the user experience they create value for all their customers on a global basis.

As the LifeSmart Singapore Partner, Lee Shin Pte Ltd always believe in “Everyone can enjoy better living quality of life” . We will putting our best effort to provide the professional servicing and assist our customers to improve their living quality with our smart home system



Simplify and Control Your Home With Voice

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Simplify and Control Your Home With Voice

Well, in the new century, smart home is become famous and famous nowadays.

the revolutions of smart home is happening soon, with the support of the strong IT and engineering team, LifeSmart have been transformed from 1st stage of smart home system to 4th stage nowadays, the revolutions of the smart home can see from below:

1st stage : Remote Control of Devices

  • The home appliances come with the remote control and press within the range of the operate device to control the on and off of device

2nd stage : Mobile Remote

  • Hacking the wall and install the devices which can be control remotely by using the mobile phone with sending the Wifi signal to the smart devices

3rd stage : IFTTT Home Automation

  • Using of the wireless switch and setup the logic of “if this then that” , trigger some reaction when we did some action.

4th stage : AI Smart Home

  • Using of the voice control, learning your behavior and trigger the scene with your voice

5th stage : AI trigger smart home

  • Using of the AI, learning your behavior and do by itself without trigger


Humanizing Technology with Artificial Intelligent 

LifeSmart now is compatible with most of the voice control devices in the market such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa,  Rokid, AliGinie and others


LifeSmart – 官方简介 (华语)

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LifeSmart 是一家专注于全球智能家居市场的领先物联网公司。

通过利用人工智能(AI)和物联网的优势,LifeSmart 为您和您的家人提供安全,舒适和丰富多彩的生活方式。 利行有限公司(新加坡)已被任命为LifeSmart 的新加坡授权经销商。我们为客户提供LifeSmart产品销售,我们也为所有最终用户提供免费质询,安装和客户服务


  • 照明控制
  • 窗帘自动化
  • 打造舒适的室内环境
  • 重新制定家庭安全系统
  • 家庭节能
  • 智能语音控制
  • 健康管理
  • 娱乐多媒体系统

使命 & 宏愿

我们相信,每个家庭都将成为一个智能家居,未来每个办公室都将成为智能办公室。凭借目标宏愿,LifeSmart 致力于开发人工智能,云服务,产品设计和开发。他们拥有人工智能行业中最可靠,最时尚的产品线,并通过不断改善用户体验,为全球客户创造价值

作为 LifeSmart 新加坡的合作伙伴,利行新加坡始终相信 “每个人都可以享受更好的生活品质”。我们将尽最大努力提供专业服务,并通过智能家居系统帮助客户提高生活质量,为您打造完美和适合您的的智能家居