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Your Smart Lighting Device – Cololight

by admin

LifeSmart New Lighting Design – Cololight !

Lee Shin Pte Ltd, The Singapore LifeSmart core partner is proud to announce  that LifeSmart have released a new video on YouTube, showing of their latest piece of tech, in the form of what seems to be a modular lighting device, similar in form and function to the Nanoleaf Aurora, although on a smaller scale. As this video has only just been released, there seems to be no other mention of this particular product on their own international website.




For those unaware of LifeSmart, they make a whole raft of smart devices, including  air purifiers, locks, motion sensors and cameras among so many other products. If you’ve also been following our site from the beginning in September you will be aware of LifeSmart hubs and smart IR blaster/night-light (So Called Spot), which at the time of reviewing them, were actually HomeKit compatible, albeit unofficially. This was done via some beta software within their app that generated a HomeKit code for one of their hubs that you could then be used to bring many (but not all) of their devices to HomeKit and the Home app. They’ve since removed this piece of software, presumably at the direction of Apple, so currently unless you’ve already got one of their hubs set up with HomeKit, new users can’t connect to HomeKit, which brings us to this device, which probably won’t be HomeKit compatible – unless like me, you’re one of those people who still has their hub connected to HomeKit!

The Features of the Cololight as shown below:

  • Split and joint, infinite expansion
  • 16,000,000 colors
  • Color changing along with music
  • Selected color, customized color
  • Voice control
  • Color changing while detect voice

LifeSmart have already launched the companion app for iOS, with dedicated iPad and iPhone versions, simply called Quantum in year 2018 and changing the name to Cololight in year 4th quarter of year 2018

          LifeSmart App from Apple store ( Now called Cololight )



All this being said, assuming LifeSmart go down the Software authentication route, or simply update their app to be compatible with the new Siri Shortcuts, I would predict, that at the right price, there will definitely be room for this product in many homes – certainly mine at least.