Complete Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home or Home Automation technology has been widely adopted nowadays. It allows people to enjoy and experience the convenience by applying different smart home solutions / system in their home, office or commercial property. Life will be simple and better with the innovative technology and unique design.

Lighting Control

Temperature Control

Redefine Home Security

Home Energy Saving

Voice Control

Health Management

Simply Brilliant

Not at home? Forgot to turn off your lights? No problem. LifeSmart has Android and iOS apps for remote and control your home just with a finger tip. Save your home energy consumption and make your green home from today onwards.


We are the Exclusive Dealer of LifeSmart in Singapore. Explore LifeSmart smart home Singapore packages that have been pre-configured to meet your needs. With LifeSmart, we provide customize package to fulfill your requirement and bring the convenience to you and your family member.

The Basic requirement for your home

Basic Package

The basic package for you to start with and enjoy the smart home solutions at the beginner level. Suitable for your Living room and control your basic needs like lightings and fan at very affordable price

Suitable for your studio apartment which trigger the automation of TV and Air-conditional

Advance Package

Experience the smart home solutions at the advanced level. Suitable for your studio apartment which can control your living room and bedroom. Control your basic needs like lightings, fan, TV , Air-conditioner and others IR devices

Suitable for your 2 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom HDB /Condominium.

Premium Package

Ready your home fully with smart home solutions. Suitable for your 2 Bedroom or 3 Bedroom HDB/Condo. Control your  lighting, fan, TV , Air-conditioner and others IR devices. Trigger with Smart Pre-configured smart scene and much more smart solutions

LifeSmart – Nature

Your touch screen home assistant. Simply touch on the screen to control your home.

Turn your Home to Smart Home in SG

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